This is an Online Cree Classroom where students, children, youth, parents, and grandparents can login from the privacy of your own home/work/ classroom computer to participate in our live Online Cree Lessons for FREE!

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About Us

The culture, history, and identity of a people is passed on, and preserved, from one generation to the next, through language. Without the language, a culture cannot survive. Therefore, it is very important that the knowledge and wisdom of our elders be regained and retained for future generations.

Our Mandate

  • To revitalize Aboriginal Languages
  • To preserve Aboriginal languages
  • To make make Aboriginal languages more attractive and engaging to the youth
  • To make Aboriginal languages more accesible to urban Aboriginals
  • To promote and encourage the use of technology in langauge programing
  • To develop interactive language programing that encourages the use of Aboriginal languages in everyday life
  • To develop culturally relavant langauge materials in the fields of history, spirituality, music, art, photography, and liturature
  • To promote and assist in cultural events and activities that instill and maintain Aboriginal languages
  • To work with Aboriginal communities, schools, organizaions, and people through the transition into the virtual world of language programing
  • To Work and keep in close harmony with other organizations whose aims and objectives are similar to that of A-mowin Online.
  • To envolve the Elders and Youth on meeting the objectives of A-mowin Online
Our Operating Pricipals
  • To promote the reconnecting of relationships between elders and youth and for the retention and development of Aboriginal languages
  • To be a virtual resource for, and facilitate communities, organizations, and people who wish to regain and preseve their language
  • To develop and deliver workshops and presentations to promote and encourage the awareness of Aboriginal languages and cultures. 
  • To enhance the learning environment of Aboriginal languages and communication network for communities, organizations, and people, locally, nationalally, and globally.